2019 Meeting: "Fulfillment and Supersessionism in the Theology of St. Paul" 

The 2019 meeting will be on Friday, November 22, 2019, in San Diego, CA, from 2:00-3:45pm with a short business meeting afterwards. We will finish by 4pm. The location of the meeting is: Marriott Marquis-Pacific 14 (First Level). *Please note that the AAR/SBL program booklet says the meeting begins at 1:00. That is incorrect. The meeting will begin at 2:00pm. 



David Rudolph (The King's University) 



William S. Campbell (University of Wales)

Douglas Campbell (Duke Divinity School)



Paula Fredricksen (Hebrew University/Boston University)

Francis Watson (University of Durham)

Annual meetings for the Society for Post-Supersessionist Theology take place the Friday before the annual meeting of AAR/SBL in November. 


The Society's first meeting was held in Denver, Colorado in 2018 and featured brief presentations from R. Kendall Soulen (Emory University), Holly Taylor Coolman (Providence College), Willie J. Jennings (Yale University), Gerald McDermott (Beeson Divinity School), Mark Kinzer (Ann Arbor, MI), Anders Runesson (University of Oslo), and a response from Adam Gregerman (Saint Joseph's University). Please click on the names below to view the papers given by some of the speakers. More papers will be available in the future.