Fall 2022 Meeting: Engaging the Doctrine of Israel: A Panel Discussion with Matthew Levering

The 2022 annual meeting of the Society of Post-Supersessionist Theology will be on Friday, November 18, 2:00-4:30pm in Denver, Colorado. 


Location: Convention Center, Mile High Ballroom 1F, Session ID: M18-208

The meeting will be held in conjunction with the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting and will be in-person. Although we are unable to live-stream the meeting, a recording will be sent out following the event.


The meeting will feature a panel discussion of Matthew Levering’s important book, Engaging the Doctrine of Israel: A Christian Israelology in Dialogue with Ongoing Judaism (Cascade, 2021).

Presenters include: 


Matthew Levering, Mundelein Seminary
Isaac Oliver/de Oliveira, Bradley University
Malka Simkovich, Catholic Theological Union
Matthew Tapie, Saint Leo University 
Susannah Ticiatti, King's College London 


Time will be provided for Q&A. 

We hope to see you there!


Fall 2021 Meeting: "Supersessionism, Nations, and Race." 

The Fall 2021 meeting took place online on November 19, 2021 and featured presentations from: Willie Jennings (Yale Divinity School), Daniel Lee (Fuller Theological Seminary), Gerald McDermott (Beeson Divinity School, ret.), and was moderated by Holly Taylor Coolman (Providence College). If you would like to see a recording of the meeting, please click here.

Spring 2021 Meeting: "What is Supersessionism? A Conversation with David Novak."  

The Spring 2021 meeting was held by webinar on May 30, 2021 and featured a panel discussion with the eminent Jewish theologian and philosopher David Novak, focusing on his 2019 article in First Things, "Supersessionism Hard and Soft." Respondents included Holly Taylor Coolman (Providence College), Nick Scott-Blakely (Fuller Theological Seminary) and Kendall Soulen (Emory University). The session was moderated by Gerald McDermott (Beeson Divinity School, ret.). Click here for a recording of the meeting. 



2020 Meeting: "Catholic Doctrines on the Jewish People After Vatican II: A Panel Discussion with Gavin D'Costa" 

The 2020 annual meeting was held by webinar on November 20, 2020 and featured a panel discussion of Gavin D'Costa's book, "Catholic Doctrines on Jews after the Second Vatican Council" (Oxford, 2019). Prof. D'Costa gave a presentation followed by responses from Bruce Marshall (SMU Perkins School of Theology), Ruth Langer (Boston College), Philip Cunningham (Saint Joseph’s University) and David Sandmel (Anti-Defamation League). The session was moderated by Holly Taylor Coolman (Providence). Click here for a recording of the meeting. 



2019 Meeting: "Fulfillment and Supersessionism in the Theology of St. Paul" 

The Society's second meeting was held in San Diego, CA on November 22, 2019 and featured presentations from William S. Campbell (University of Wales) and Douglas Campbell (Duke Divinity School) along with responses from Paula Fredriksen (Hebrew University/Boston University) and Francis Watson (University of Durham). The session was moderated by David Rudolph (The King's University). Click here for a recording of the meeting. 


2018 Inaugural Meeting: "An Agenda for Post-Supersessionist Theology"

The Society's first meeting was held in Denver, Colorado in 2018 and featured brief presentations from R. Kendall Soulen (Emory University), Holly Taylor Coolman (Providence College), Willie J. Jennings (Yale University), Gerald McDermott (Beeson Divinity School), Mark Kinzer (Ann Arbor, MI), Anders Runesson (University of Oslo), and a response from Adam Gregerman (Saint Joseph's University). Please click on the names below to view the papers given by some of the speakers.